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About Miriam Miller Msc.

Originally from Chicago, Miriam Miller Msc. synthesizes several disciplines to bring her clients effective tools towards greater emotional and functional health.

With a master’s degree in family therapy, as a certified senior educator, as a Kallah teacher (trained in Jewish bridal preparation), date coach, author, and certified mental health practitioner using Torat Ha’nefesh, the rich Jewish sources that teach us how G-d created the human psyche, Miriam comes prepared with a diverse tool box to help you with relationships, life and emotional challenges, and to reach greater overall success and inner content.

For many years, Miriam utilized her skills and tools for the betterment of organizations such as, Em Ha’Banim S’maicha a non-profit in service of single mothers, Bait Nathan, a non-profit in service of families experiencing medical crisis, J.M.E. (Jewish Marriage Education under Tehilla Abramov) – bridal preparation, and Kehilla, a hotline for emotional crisis and abuse. 

Her experience includes those who suffered from anxiety and depression, addictions, borderline personality, religious conflict, as well as life crisis including divorce and family abuse, educational concerns, medical crisis, poverty, challenged marriages, relationship issues, infertility, in-law issues and so on.

Recently, Miriam initiated a forum specifically targeted to those who support Jewish singles towards marriage – primarily mothers, but including matchmakers, mentors, and educators.  Her goal is to create community and improved emotional and family support around this significant life-goal, to enable all of the tiers – those supporting the singles as the singles themselves – a more conducive environment.  It is her hope that as a result of this and similar groups; the singles will not only be better enabled towards marriage and peace of mind, but the marriages that result will be stronger and more enduring as well.

Miriam welcomes your contact to discover how she might help you towards enriching connection.

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