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Testimonials from Kallahs

Kallah 1:

To whom it may concern,

I lived in Har Nof for a few years before my wedding. Boruch Hashem I got married two years ago and Mrs. Miriam Miller was my kalla teacher.

I had a meaningful and informative experience learning with her; she mentioned that she teaches Ashkenazi and Sephardi kallos, which was right in my direction. I am an Ashkenazi

from home, and my husband’s family is from the Baghdadi community, originally.

Mrs. Miller gave me a package deal, which meant that I didn’t need to think how many lessons I needed because of the budget. Therefore I felt at ease to have as many meetings as

necessary. She has a private kallah teaching room; it even has a separate entrance so her family members do not see the kallahs coming in.

Living in Har Nof, she has easy access to a well known posek in hilchos Nida, Rabbi Ostroff, Shlita. He lives a minute away, so she goes with her kallos if they have a shaila before the wedding, a wonderful boost for the self esteem required for a young lady to bring such personal artifacts to a Rav. A very modest woman with a majestic air about her, Mrs. Miller has a well rounded, balanced, and holy perspective on the inner world of marriage in tune with the guidance of

the finest Rabbanim and Rebetzins.

Mrs. Miller does her utmost to be available to her kallos before, during and after the wedding. When she had to go to chutz l’aretz shortly after I got married, she gave me a phone number to reach her there if I needed to! Also included is a meeting after the wedding at a convenient time in person, to discuss how things are going.

Something which particularly impressed me was that I had a question about a minhag I found difficult and she spoke to my husband’s chosson Rebbe, who consulted a knowledgeable Sephardi Rav (whom we are still in touch with) to decide what to do. Not one to advocate for medicine as a first route to the chupa, Mrs. Miller takes each kallah

as an individual.

Mrs. Miller sees the bigger picture: getting girls married successfully. She is open minded: she has a general mehalech, but will be flexible about the details if necessary and in accordance with halalcha, to fit the needs of the kallah. In short, your kallah will be in good hands. I was.

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Kallah 2:

The engagement period and the start of marriage that follows is a wonderful time period, yet also a wonderland filled with new dimensions and a time to forge new paths.

Mrs. Miller was there for me all along with tremendous warmth, experience and wisdom, holding my hand along the process of becoming a home and a whole.

I feel blessed to have had a clear and smooth journey as I know unfortunately isn't always the case.

Mrs. Miller cares deeply.

I feel I could turn to her for advice even now almost 3 years into my marriage.

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Kallah 3:

Mrs. Miller is truly dedicated.

I felt her being patient and present throughout my engagement and then after my wedding.

She calmed my nerves regarding all that was new and foreign to me.

She was in touch with my husband's chosson teacher and made all the arrangements for us to have a smooth start!

I highly recommend her.

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