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Relationship Therapist

Miriam Miller Msc. synthesizes several disciplines to bring her clients effective tools towards greater emotional and functional health.

With a master’s degree in family therapy, as a certified senior educator, as a Kallah teacher (trained in Jewish bridal preparation), date coach, author, and certified mental health practitioner using Torat Ha’nefesh, the rich Jewish sources that teach us how G-d created the human psyche, Miriam comes prepared with a diverse tool box to help you with relationships, life and emotional challenges, and to reach greater overall success and inner content.

Image by Dan DeAlmeida

Where I Work

Miriam’s background includes work for organizations such as “Em Ha’Banim S’maicha” in service of single mothers, Bait Nathan in service of families undergoing medical crisis and “Kehilla” a hotline for emotional crisis and abuse.  She is currently practicing in her private office in Jerusalem’s Har Nof neighborhood and at The Place: The Jerusalem Centre for Emotional Wellbeing, in Jerusalem’s Ramat Eshkol neighborhood.

She is the co-author of ‘A Boy Named 68818’,

A Holocaust learning tool. Purchase here or on Amazon

My Unique Approach

growth through the concept of Toras Ha’nefesh

What is Toras Ha'Nefesh

We are accustomed to the language and concepts of contemporary psychology; terms such as codependence, personality disorder, phobia, reframing, anti-social, are familiar to us. But way before the discipline of psychology came onto the scene, the living Torah recognized and addressed man’s psychic challenges. Concepts of energy, the life force within man that generates a feeling of equilibrium, balancing relationships and emotions, the mind body connection, how to manage mental illness, depression, grief, social ordeals - it’s all in the Torah and the accompanying expositors. The language may not always be familiar to your ears, but it is familiar to your soul.

Application in Therapy

Miriam Miller, who studied conventional family therapy, has joined the modern with the ancient wisdoms of the Torah in order to provide deeper and more permanent relief than what some modern systems can provide.
At the core of Toras Ha’nefesh is the desire of The Creator to imbue man with a continuous flow of His Divine energy and well-being. When a person feels in balance, functional, good about him/herself and in sync with their relationships, we understand that this Divine energy is flowing unimpeded.
However, where a person is experiencing conflict, pain, crisis or feeling stuck, the Torah sources have taught us how to map the point of pain where the Divine energy is blocked and is unable to flow freely. That is the point where the individual’s self-work is. That is the point of healing, growth and future fulfillment.

Goals of Toras Ha'Nefesh

We all encounter ordeals and challenge in our life. Identifying the root of these challenges is the opportunity to transform our challenge into triumph, and our infirmity into health and well-being. The goal of Toras Ha’nefesh is to operationalize this healing process at its root cause, allowing Divine energy to surge. Divine energy is manifest in a feeling of self-worth, self-actualization, inner calm and peace, and accesses intellectual, emotional and functional resources for successful habits and interactions. In simple English – where are you stuck? That’s precisely the point from where you can achieve your greatness.
That is the process of Toras Ha’nefesh

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