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A.Z. We were surprised but grateful when our eldest daughter got engaged to the first boy she met just a few weeks after her eighteenth birthday.  But soon after the chuppah, she discovered that he didn’t really have a very developed personality and couldn’t wrap his head around the emotionality and needs of a female. Since he walked out on her and their infant son, surfacing long enough to deposit a ‘get’ she’s continuing to rehabilitate from the trauma. And for me, the guilt continues to haunt me…

D.S. When my son began shidduchim I imagined that he’d be wed in the blink of an eye; such a dashing young man, thoughtful, beloved, clever and industrious and no skeletons in our overcrowded closet.  Oh, I was sure to win the ‘Best – Mother’ award;   with my organized notebook and fielding shadchanim and everything exactly by the ‘rules’.  But five disappointing years later, my son is no longer quite as confident, is quicker to say ‘no’ and the flow of suggestions has reduced to a trickle.  What am I doing wrong?

Mothers, any of these marital concerns familiar? Wondering exactly how this child can cross the divide between single and happily wed?

Welcome to the Workshop that with the Master Shadchan’s Help, can make all the difference:

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Upcoming Workshop: Addressing Every Single Concern

In this five-part series,  Miriam Miller Msc. - Family therapist, Kallah teacher, Date coach, author and pedigreed mother – will sensitively introduce you to the  tools that can help your child towards an enduring marital relationship.

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Part I: Wednesday, February 2nd:

Introduction: Learn why the mother is in a unique position to influence her child in the realm of relationships. What is the goal of marriage?  Where can you increase awareness of yourself and of your child, and the choices that can influence the process?

Part II: Wednesday, February 9th:

The mother’s experience: Explore how you are experiencing a parallel journey whilst your child seeks his / her life partner, and how that makes a difference.

Part III: Wednesday, February 16th:

The child’s experience: How can you know what your child is experiencing throughout the shidduch process?  Why is it helpful for you to understand it?

Part IV: Wednesday, February 23rd:

Between mother and child:  How do you and your shidduch –seeking child interact?  Is it helping your child towards his/ her independent marital relationship?

Part V: Wednesday, March 2nd: 

Practical: Explore social rules, cultures, shadchan issues and practical tips that make a difference.

Where:  The Place, 2/19 Sheshet Ha’Yamim St., Knissah Gimel, Ramat Eshkol

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