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How We Can Help

Miriam Miller Msc. is a professional Relationship Therapist specializing in these areas of counseling.​ Available for in person or remote work. She is bilingual in English & Hebrew. 

Reach out for more details. She is here for you!

  • Coaching Daters Towards Marriage

  • Guidance for Parents with Children Seeking to Marry

  • Jewish Bridal Preparation Kallah Teacher

  • Couple’s Therapy / Relationship Therapy

  • Individual Emotional Therapy / Psychotherapy

Image by Piotr Musioł

Coaching Daters Toward Marriage

How does one navigate the labyrinth of relationships in a society that is plagued by social discontent? ‘Singles’ are not one uniform group, but as varied as the faces they wear. Yet certain refrains re-surface: “Why am I feeling so pressured?” “What’s the difference what size I wear?” “What were they thinking when they set me up with him /her?” “How come I wasn’t told ____?”

Every marriage-seeker needs someone to hear their concerns with understanding – and to consider the appropriate social path in each situation. Miriam helps the seeking–to--marry individual, no matter what their background or previous relationship history to seek their life partner within the social and cultural norms that seem best suited to them. But at the core of the work is the opportunity for the dater to better  understand self, and how to integrate with another towards an enduring and fulfilling relationship. At the same time, she seeks to help her client access peace of mind no matter what the current marital status.

Image by Rob Sarmiento

Guidance for Parents with Children Seeking to Marry

Do you have a child who is seeking to marry? Do you feel that your child is marriage-ready? Are you perplexed by the social systems that regulate shidduchim? Are you equally challenged by the role of shadchanim  (matchmakers)? Is your relationship with your child fractious? Overly close? Plagued by misunderstanding? Is your child stuck or making relationship mistakes? (And we haven’t even begun with the children-in-law…) What can you do as the mother? How can your presence and input make a difference?


Miriam will guide you based on the belief that the most primary of human relationships is between the mother and child. And even when the child blossoms into an adult, his or her mother is still a lighthouse in a torrent sea. Does your child feel that s/he can return to you to guide and anchor them on their journey? Miriam will give support to the struggling parent, helping to provide invaluable tools that will both reinforce a balanced parent / child relationship, and empower the child to advance on his or her own quest towards an independent and enduring home.

Image by Josh Felise

Jewish Bridal Preparation/Kallah Teacher

For over thirty years, Miriam has been teaching and directing brides both before and after their weddings. Her personal mentoring course includes instruction in the laws of family purity, communication, rhythms in marriage, intimacy, emotional connection, extended familial obligations, organizational skills, child rearing, trouble-shooting and so on. But mostly, Miriam is present to hear what the specific needs of each bride are, and how to ease her in to the framework of marriage with maximum success. Marriage is a significant adjustment for everyone. But for a bride who is challenged beyond the average, pre-marital support is not just a luxury – it is a necessity.

Has the bride been previously married? Had a challenging child-hood? Post trauma? Has a poor body image? Suffers from anxiety, fear or other emotional challenges? For a bride with ‘baggage’, learning the laws is not enough. With G-d’s help, Miriam will give your bride the extra support to help her get to the other side of the chuppah with true peace of mind.

Couple’s Therapy/Relationship Therapy

Are you struggling with a relationship – with a spouse, parent, sibling or someone else…? Do you remember the moment you were wed, perfectly certain that this was your soulmate? How did the doubts creep in?
When did the friction begin? Why is this so much harder than you thought it would be? How can you turn disparity into unity? What tools create understanding when every sentence is refuted? How can we forgive and be forgiven? Are we relating to one another in reality or rather to a phantom relationship of inappropriate expectations?


Don’t wait for smaller conflicts to balloon, there are aspects of your relationship that are within your control. Even  individuals who are extremely conflicted with each other can reclaim the serenity that seems to have faded.
When TWO people work on a relationship together that’s certainly more powerful, but it takes only ONE person to create change.

Individual Emotional Therapy/Psychotherapy

Can you think straight if you are down? Can you execute tasks if you are nervous or anxious? Can you relate to others if you are overwhelmed by internal turmoil?

At the heart of ALL functions are the functions of the heart! Want to succeed in your external endeavors? Then first try to establish success within. But sometimes, the confusion and internal morass are too complicated to unravel on our own, and we need someone to accompany us towards inner harmony. Miriam’s training in the deep secrets of the soul based on Biblical and Kabbalistic sources, in addition to her academic therapeutic background, provide valuable tools to access the root of consciousness, and gently help her clients towards a greater internal balance and harmony.

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