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Developing Healthy Relationships


Life is about relationships. Yet some people live in a land called Lonely, Sad, Jealous, Frightened or Angry. These places are all forms of dis-connect. Emotional health is about restoring appropriate connection. It's relating kindly to yourself and mending interpersonal relationships. Relationship Therapist Miriam Miller will guide you towards healthy relationships utilizing classic family (systems) theory together with Jewish spiritual sources. 


Miriam helps the seeking–to-marry individual, no matter what their background or previous relationship history. Together we work towards understanding self, with a goal of creating an enduring and fulfilling relationship.
And if you’re the parent of someone seeking to marry, Miriam can guide you too to understand and be supportive as your child seeks his / her life-partner.


Learn the tools to turn disparity into unity, and how to implement those tools. If TWO of you are on board that’s certainly more powerful, but it takes only ONE person to create change. Miriam can teach you how.


Miriam’s training in the deep secrets of the soul based on Biblical and Kabbalistic sources, in addition to her academic therapeutic background, provide valuable tools to access the root of consciousness, and gently help her clients towards a greater internal balance and harmony.

Image by Jonny James


Miriam Miller Msc. is a practicing family therapist for over twenty years. Her professional training is based on clinical sociological theory. She brings to her clients a synthesis of orientations based largely on the rich Jewish sources that have been guiding our people for generations.


“Mrs. Miller is truly dedicated."

"I felt her being patient and present throughout my engagement and then after my wedding. She calmed my nerves regarding all that was new and foreign to me.”


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